The Field - Movie Poster


GENRE: Science fiction, Horror.

CIRCA: 2018

Location: UK

STATUS: Treatment.

It's the summer music festival season and five girl-friends are on their way to the iconic Glastonbury festival. The girls break down and have to spend their 1st night, not in a field with other festival revellers but in an empty field some 20 miles from their destination.

As the night rolls on the girls settle in to camp out for the night in hopes that they can get their car started & continue their journey to the festival in the morning. What starts as a fun camping adventure, music, alcohol & marajuana seems to take an unexpected turn for the good friends. Each girl seems to take on a different persona leading to arguments, fights, uncontrollable rage & murder! But what is it that is warping their minds and will this night of horror ever end in 'the field'.