Neighbourhood - Poster


GENRE: Crime Caper, Comedy.

CIRCA: 1985

STATUS: Script

It’s 1985 in Kentish Town, North London & Greek Cypriots fleeing war and poverty since the mid 50’s from the island of Cyprus are well worn in. Time enough to have established a community bringing with it it's rich culture, it's churches, it's sense of belonging & respect, and it's food. God it's food... 

As honour & tradition has been stopped in time, the fathers of the 1st generation of Anglo-North London Cypriots struggle to stay true to a time gone past, in bringing up their boys. Teenagers, the first generation of Anglo-Cypriots, dealing with a duel nationality & an old country set of rules & values, a culture much less familiar to them & the temptations of the street.


The local tailor's son Alex, & his hapless gang of wannabe gangsters scheme & scam their way around north London when a chance theft of a truck reveals a gun in the glovebox & large crate in the back, it's contents whilst bizarre, has more value than anything the boys could ever make on the street.

Suddenly the small time crims are Landed into a world in the undergrowth of this community, Mr Christou’s world. A real gangster & a blot on the proud and the usually law abiding community, who is willing to do anything to anyone who dares to get in his way.

Taking their chances on the possibility of a massive score, they hatch a plan. From a sprawling Greek wedding gone wrong, to a chase through the streets of North London in a partly dismantled stolen Porsche and a villainous street hood also hot on their tails.  

The boys soon realise that the community is an animal all of it’s own as they are faced with bringing the them together, however in a way that they could never have imagined or have ever wanted.