IL Bambino - Movie Poster


GENRE: Crime Caper, Comedy.

CIRCA: 2018

Location: USA

STATUS: Script (100 Pages)

The ancient Sicilian ‘Sisters of Bracconi’ an order of Italian nuns have for hundreds of years held the key to a power given to them from high. They are visited by the great Dons in their old age to be reborn as babies, to live and rule their families once again. The child is allowed one guardian and this guardian must be of the same blood. 


The Guardian is PEPPI a 30 something reception school teacher who after suspiciously losing his job at Sugarfield School is recruited by the Visconti family to look after a baby who's parents died in a car accident in Sicily, Italy. It's not long after that he discovers that the baby in his care is actually an 85 year old Don who has a plan for Peppi with aspirations of regaining power of his family business but not without Peppi's reluctant help.