All Dressed Up -  Film Poster


Circa: 2018

Location: UK

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Status: In Development/Script (100 Pages)

MEL and SCOTTY have been sweethearts since school. Now in their late twenties, he a roofer and she an estate agent live together in rented accommodation. MEL is unsatisfied with the relationship just plodding along, unhappy with SCOTTY's ladish lifestyle that he lives out with his best friend Anglo-Jamaican LYNDON. On her 30th birthday, MEL finally decides to take action and asks SCOTTY to leave so that they can both take stock of their lives. Now living temporarily with best friend Lyndon, Scotty visits a new alternative hypnotherapy centre on a work related call. There, he finally decides to do something for Mel and agrees upon a breakthrough "quit-smoking" course to impress her. However, Scotty's session is mixed-up with that of a transvestite’s leaving Scotty hypnotised & with an insatiable desire to wear women's clothes. Scotty embarks on his quest to win MEL back, whilst also secretly trying to feed his new craving for dressing up and close encounter with a woman in a red dress leads Mel to believe he is having an affair. Unknown to her, the lover in question is actually Scotty himself under a very strange spell indeed but ultimately makes him a better man by walking a mile in a pair of another woman’s sling-backs.